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Wonderful Article from The Times of Malta

A wonderful article from the Times of Malta newspaper.....Our best wishes go to Charlie and his parents and family. Thank you for writing your story and all your fundraising efforts which realised 420 Euros from a jewellery party held recently.

Link to the article....

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I am sure everyone who has a child with ITP can relate to the article and understand both Charlie and his parents feelings. However, this may help to make Charlie able to talk about his condition with strangers.

As to travel, I have had ITP for nearly 20 years with a count around 10, still travel long haul and never think about it. I do however agree, research your destination for medical centres with specialists in ITP and treatment available for ITP. I think in the main, haematologists are very knowledgeable in capital cities throughout the world and keep abreast of developments in medication and treatment.

Keep smiling, and look for other sports which are less dangerous. There are plenty.



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