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I came across the following video on You Tube from a Doctor in India which maybe of interest to you. Neither myself nor the ITP Support Association actually know the Doctor concerned or have any knowledge of his work but you may wish to contact him direct and hopefully it may prove to be helpful for you.

The link is.....

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  • He only says that you can have a platelet transfusion if you have a low platelet count. He does not appear to have a lot of experience with ITP!

  • Thank you Nicky, it is difficult to get a full understanding of just how well qualified these folk are and it is impossible for us to verify people from all corners of the globe. We do get a few enquiries from India as to whether we have any direct contacts with ITP specialists in India but we unfortunately do not have any and obviously cannot comment on the qualifications of those who post on You Tube/Facebook etc. All we can do is suggest folk take a look for themselves and form their own opinion (s).

    I am grateful for you pointing out his comment regarding platelet transfussions and would reinterate to our followers that we have no knowledge ourselves of the qualifications of this doctor or of his experience levels. As such we are not in any way recommending him or endorsing his views. This You Tube clip was one that I came across and is readily available for all to view but it is very much a matter of individuals checking out the full details of the doctor themselves as we simply cannot fully vet each and every one ourselves.

  • I absolultely agree. He just is a bit glib with his recommendation that platelet transfusions are the answer to everything. I know you are not endorsing his views and it is great that you search the internet for us - I for one am very grateful that you do. Nicky

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