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my daughter 2 year has Low platelets counts < 12000 and has several dark spots on body

My daughter is 2 year old and for past one month she is suffering from ITP.

Her Platelets count has reduced to 12000.I had also consulted many doctors regarding this and had treatment of IMMUNOREL 5g drug in the form of 4 injections.But still after the treatment which already had been about 3 weeks she continuous to have low platelets count.

Her body has some dark spots at several places.I am worried whether is it something serious and if yes what should I do ?

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Hi Manish. I assume your daughter has been diagnosed with ITP from your blog. This being the case I can only suggest you see a consultant heamatologist who is a specialist in ITP as soon as is practical. I would also suggest you contact and join, if not already a member, the ITP support association who will be able to provide a considerable amount of information to you. Very often with young children, ITP can develop and the go as quickly as it comes. Let us hope this is the case in this instance. Never feel alone, there are many of us with this condition who live very happily with it even with a very low count. Some bruise and others do not. Some bleed and others do not.

There are many drugs available which again work with some and not others. On the ITP website you will find the international guide for the treatment of ITP which has been produced by a group of very well respected experts in ITP from the USA and UK. If you do not live in the UK, you may be able to print this out for your doctor.

Good luck and keep us informed of what happens.


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