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Travel Insurance

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Can anyone recommend a good travel insurance company that offers reasonable premiums for autoimmune conditions?

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Hi I always use insure and go I do a 1 year insurance as we are away a lot their costs are very good they added a very small amount to cover ITP

Every time I travel , I use Travelex Insurance Services Inc. You can add pre existing medical. I got fully refund of my trip cost once due to my platelets drop too low.

Thank you to the people who sent replies re Travel Insurance. I will contact the companies for quotes. My problem appears to be a badly compromised immune system as I have PBC, ITP and no Thyroid due to goitre. Annual Insurance premium has jumped from £180pa to £340 due to my husbands heart attack but with no cover for my conditions. Including my conditions we have been quoted£1,200 to £2045 depending on excess selected ! The hunt is on!

Have you tried Medical Travel Compared online? It will give you more options.