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Has anyone in the UK been able to get a good deal on Travel Insurance? Several companies have declined me!

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  • Hi Lola 2000, I got my travel insurance with Go Insurance it was for Greece.

  • Hi Lola, we used saga and it was fine.....good luck

  • Hello, I had no problems getting an annual policy for Europe and US from Marks ans Spencer's. Was not much more expensive than in previous years, pre ITP. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Sam I have travel insurance through my M & S account and they would not cover me for anything related to my ITP and PBC both auto immune conditions. I am prepared to risk Europe while we are still in the EU but I would never risk US or Australia which is a great pity as I should like to see my Granddaughter in Aus. Think I will need to shop around particularly when Uk leaves the EU.

  • I have just returned from the US with worldwide travel insurance linked to my bank account. As long as I declare it once a year, I am covered with no extra to pay.

  • I did the same when I had just CLL but now with the complication of ITP they have kicked it out.

  • I'm using Insure and Go for my next holiday to Spain, no problems, but then I am not taking any form of medication/treatment for ITP at the moment only monitoring which is probably why you are having trouble. Hope you succeed soon.

  • If you email ITP Support Association HQ on they can assist you with info/suggestions about insurers

  • Thanks.

  • Hi- we used Go Panda. Our daughter has never had to be hospitalised although has been admitted for procedures etc. I think that unanticipated hospital admissions for the condition can sometimes be the deal breaker for cover....

  • I have worldwide travel insurance linked with my bank account, and I do not have to payment extra because of my condition. If I were you I would shop around, I am sure you will find someone who will insure you without having to go to the extreme of changing your bank account! 😄