Suffering with mouth sores

Hi Itp people. This darn disease or disorder whatever has really got me in it’s grip and won’t seem to let go and into my 8th week today. Besides all the rest of it I find I am suffering daily from mouth sores that are extremely sore. The majority are from blood blisters on my tongue, inside of cheeks and gums and also the roof of my mouth. My question is can anyone recommend anything to help or ease the problem? I am sucking on Iglu pastilles, using mouthwashes and eating soft food but they still appear.

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  • Oh gosh poor you . I remember all that ,,,, but its only when your platelets rise ,do you stop having all the symptoms. I'm 6 years in now . And even now if I drop a blood blister will appear. That's your body telling you your low..I've had every treatment on the market i think . I'm now on the wonderful N,plate. Its the only thing that has worked for me in 6 years. So fingers crossed you will find the drug that suits you. It's not easy, but it will happen. I've just come back from Thailand after having Xmas out there. It takes a bit of organizing, but it can he dobe . Good luck with the battle , but i promise it does become easier .

    All the best Chris

  • I'm 8 years in and I've only developed blood blisters once. My count had actually dropped to 0 while I was duing my 4 week tx of Rutixin. I also developed h. Pylori during this time. But when I asked my doctors what could I do to get rid of the blisters as they were so painful. They told me it would go away only when it count rises.

  • Poor you. Of the three dramatic drops in platelets that I have had, only the second one gave me blood blisters in my mouth. It got better as platelets rose. I was dreading symptoms getting worse each time, but that hasn’t been the case. Third episode, I didn’t get blisters, only the dreaded bruising! It’s a weird disease. Thanks all of the group for ongoing reassurance and advice.

  • I get sore patches on my tongue periodically and cannot relate it to anything in particular, is this the same thing? I only recently found out I have platelet and fibrin deficiencies.

  • I woke up this morning to at least 6 mouth ulcers at the corner of my lip and inside my mouth do not really suffer from ulcers is this related to ITP have had some many random illnesses.

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