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4 months post splenectomy

I wrote a post 5 months ago on any information regarding Splenectomy. It has been 4 months since my brother ( age 10 ) has the splenectomy done. It was the HARDEST And BEST decision my family had ever made and it has been the first time in years we have seen him healthy and without bruises and bleeds. Thank you everyone so much for your messages.

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Hi, There, Nidazainab ,

A Happy New year to you and family, I am glad that your brother has improved. Your Doctor's now need to follow the Golden Rules that need to be followed for all Asplenic people, and I am sure they are, just for your reference here a couple of links.




With regards

Bill M


A happy new year to you too Bill. Thankyou for your kind wishes and have been told about all the information you have sent me from our Doctor. Hope things are well x


Hello again, Thanks


Great to hear. Please post again this time next year so we can see more long term results.

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