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How I Finally Got Eltrombopag to Work For Me

I've been on Eltrombopag for nearly 2 years now and, as those that are on it will know, getting your diet right both 4 hours before and 4 hours after taking your tablet can be very difficult as the medication does not work at all well when you have eaten any dairy or anything with added vitamins and minerals and that's a lot of different types of food! I struggled for over a year trying to get the medication to work for me and it just wouldn't.

I have finally discovered that if I take my tablet during the night, 4 hours after my evening meal, then it gets a clear 8 hours, and sometimes more, before I eat breakfast so I can now eat whatever I want during the day.

I have not slept through the night for many years so I naturally wake up around midnight and this is when I take my medication.

I thought I would share this so that if you are struggling to get it to work for you then it might be worth trying. My platelet count has been anywhere between 120 and 240 since taking my medication during the night.

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Hi I to take Eltrombopag through the night for about 6 months now and my platelets are now between 200 and 240.

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MINE will go real high, then other times they drop right down to 50 and even lower, . I`ve been on it for about 4 years, it`s the only thing that helps for now.

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Hi, I’ve been on Eltrombopag since February this year and from the start I have taken it just before bed. It is working just fine with a count of about 160.


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