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As i mentioned before my daughter in law drops her platelets from 15 to 3. What is the very best foods to eat? Or a fruits sonit will be goes to even little bit higher than 3. Anyone can suggest? Thankyou in advance

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Hi, there is a lot of information on the PDSA.Org website about eating with ITP. I have had ITP for five years and my platelet counts do fluctuate and I think you have to find a diet that suits you. A few months back I started eating a lot of blueberries because I thought they were good for you and my platelets went from 42 to 22 - then I read on the PDSA website that you shouldn't eat blueberries. I'm trying the blood type diet at the moment which because I'm B+ means cutting out wheat and I feel so much better for it. My last blood count also showed my platelets had gone back up to 43.

Hope this helps.


Juicing is the BEST thing for your daughter. Kale juice, carrot juice, beet juice, apple juice, cucumber juice, celery, pomegranate juice, Spinach, papaya leaf tablets or papaya juice, vitamin c, probiotics and STAY away from gluten. Make sure sure everything she eats is organic and make all the juices yourself. my sister has ITP and so far this diet has helped her a lot.

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My wife diagnose itp 2 yrs ago

Nothing works

Her count is 24 last month

Pls help by diet plans


Try Soursop fruit, Papaya, Orange, Beetroot


Hi Annaliza. Please read my posts. We got my daughters platelets to 143000 in July August this year. All thru diet.

She is 13. I don't believe in drugs or any of that other stuff. Diet is the way to go.

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How do I find your posts?


Click on my name and then go to my "posts", or follow me.


My haematologist told me that diet played no part in increasing platelet count.


Hi Lynney.

I don't believe everything dr's say. I have Celiac Disease and RA. My RA dr told me I'd never get down from 17.5 Mg's a week of this horrible drug called Methotexrate. Well I disagreed with him because I'm the healthiest person I know. I found a new Rheumatologist who was half MD and half homeopathic.. he helped wean me down and now I'm at 5mg's a week of that nasty drug. I take vitamins and never eat gluten. You would never know RA is in my blood because I do what needs to be done with food and vitimins. So I am a firm believer in not taking every word an MD says (A lot of disease stems from improper nutrition and MD's, push pharmaceuticals and don't know how much nutrition can change everything!).

Now I have done this diet with my girl before. And her platelets the first time got to 120000. This time they are almost at the bottom of normal... 143000. Anyway it's worth a try and if it doesn't work for you then there is no loss right? If it does work, then great ! and the only thing you gained is better health and your body not attacking your platelets!

So what I feed my daughter is simple.

A smoothie 4 times a week (Everything Organic) frozen Blueberries, Almond or Coconut Milk, , 1/4 banana, gluten free granola (sm amount) and a small amount (1/4 scoop) Of Thorne Medi Clear (you can buy on Amazon).. A small class of this to go with her breakfast.

About 4 times a week I give her pomegranate juice. Small glass.

The rest of the food I make often for her is Organic Veggies she loves. I bake them with Olive oil. Asparagus, diff colored carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli. I put lemon and lemon pepper on them and bake for 40 min at 400. Except the broccoli. I bake that for 10 to 15 min.

That's all. The rest of the time she eats Gluten free cause she has Celiac Disease too.

I wish you the best ! And would love to know if you do change your diet to this if it helps?!!

Also the first time I changed my daughters diet and her platelets went up to 120000 I did not use the Medi Clear Protein powder. I did tell her dr what I did this summer and he told me to keep it up. So I am.

Hoping it works for you. Roxanne.


What diet did she have? Really want to prove my doctor wrong, he said no matter what foods you eat it will have nothing to do with what you eat...


There just too much unknown about the condition to be definitive; including the fact that everybody in this forum could be suffering from the same condition or everybody could all have an different one... so what works for one person has a real chance of not working for others. The only thing everyone here knows is their platelet numbers are depleted.

Just eat healthy - it will probably help her feel better in general. As for platelet count no diet has helped mine and I have at the behest of my mother tried a lot of them! I know she is actually trying to be helpful but the idea that just changing my diet to particular fruit/veg or smoothies or eating for my blood type might magicially solve it... creates a pressure that your eating habits are the cause of your condition i.e. you are to blame. I know she feels helpless and wants me to be better so keeps going with the try this diet and try this thing which is why I comply but in all seriousness it probably more depressing than actually helpful especially if it gets expensive or awkward to do - I probably have enough on my plate dealing with it to have to remember what out of season special veg I need to source for my special diet.

Sorry I have been getting that a lot from many different people who don't understand that this is not like a most other diseases - it's not curable, diagnosis and treatment is trail & error not to mention time consuming. This unknown aspect of condition and not being able to really have a plan of attack is weird and that feeling of helplessness is frustrating. But even more annoying is being patronised by people trying to helpfully suggest a certain way of eating or even homeopathy that is expensive. As if I didn't think of it or that I don't eat healthy and I have had homeopathy treatment that resulted in me getting kidney stones - the last thing anyone needs is stuff that creates extra health problems.

My advice; be supportive, encourage her to eat healthily, do research and be highly selective about which diet or homeopathic treatment to try... some are harmless but seriously some might cause more problems! I hope you find something that helps your daughter in law.

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It's all trial and error... find what works for you... In the mornings I started putting a branch from my mint plant in my water bottle and it was so good and refreshing. Now I add in a branch of basil and couple of slices of cucumber too. It makes me feel great... does it increase platelets? No idea... but I feel better in myself.

I also start each morning with a pint of warm/hot lemon water... just cut a lemon in half and squeeze it into your glass. Feels cleansing :)

Fionn is right...Do check the website cause some foods should be avoided. For my situation, caffeine energy drinks probably caused my platelets to plummet.

Good luck to you!


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