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Having iTP Since 6 months i want to get rid steriod

Hi, I diagnose ITP 6 months ago when i go for blood test and all this released

i am on steriod DELTACORTAL 15mg/day with immuran bla bla my doctor and I want to get rid steriod as this has lots of side effects

my count is in between 30 to 50 but as i lowdown the dosage of DELTACORTAL it get down near 10 or even lower down then 10

please advice me i am so much worried

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Hi akhurram, The firsts thing is do not stay on steroids for too long. The side effects can be terrible in the long term. There are many different drugs for ITP. The problem is what works for one may not work for the next so it is very much trial and error with your doctor to find one that works for you. Don't worry, one will. If you look at the ITP support association web site, there is a list of the drugs which are normally prescribed for patients. Steroids are only the first line before going onto other drugs. You will also find on the site, a paper produced by the most expert doctors in the USA and UK defining the best method of treatment for ITP patients. Find it and print it out. Your doctor may also like a copy! Good luck.


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