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I have itp and I do not rise above 50,000 very often. I found out a 10 days ago I was 8 weeks pregnant for the 3rd time. I have 2 beautiful

boys. I was diagnoised with itp in August 2013. Just found out last week the baby has no heartbeat and blood flow from the umbilical cord. Has anyone else had problems with carrying a full term pregnancy? I'm 32 and not sure I'm ready to give up hope for 1 more.

But my platelets fell to 9,000 and now and am having a hard time with IVGIV and platelets and steroids to get them up past 50,000 to have a DNC. I am in the hospital being monitored.

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Hi, listen somehow I found very good site where you can get some important answers. I have had ITP for 9 years and have lived on steroids all this time(no other medicine in my country but going to other is too expensive). And my doctor has never told me those important things

Look here!!!


Hi, I have chronic but mild itp, my levels are usually around 50, I was diagnosed in 2001, and have a very healthy 6 year old and 4 year old. Don't give up hope. There's a possibility this tragic loss is not related to your itp x


I am so very sorry for this tragedy. But did your doctors tell you it was a result of ITP? I never heard of that before.


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