What is the highest platelet where petichae would appear? Or is it individual? I don't know if it's differenr in adults and children

My 4 year old daughter had a platelet count of 49 last week (highest since Aug last year, yay!). She had been petichae and bruise free for a couple of weeks but today the rash is back, and she's bruised. Can I assume her platelets will have gone down or is 49 still low enough?

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  • Hi if the rash and bruising is back I would presume the count had fallen as the petechia is a sign of low platelets . I would get a count taken . Hope this helps

  • Yes that's what I thought. I hope this makes sense but I'm reluctant to get another test done so soon when I know it's going to be low. I will call the haemotologist on monday. Thanks

  • I'd assume they have gone down. My little man only got bruising and rash when count under ten. I'd speak to your GP/consultant tomorrow. Good luck x

  • Thanks. It's so demoralising and frustrating isn't it? I really thought this was her finally getting better. At least so far this time she seems well - often when her platelets have been very low previously she has been overtures and grumpy but so far she's ok at the moment :-)

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