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2 year old with ITP. Is it normal for count to go up and down?

Not sure if it my son has medicated induced ITP (He was prescribed Trimethoprim friday before diagnosis on Tuesday), or if he has viral induced ITP either way, He has had it 6 weeks now and a week ago his count lifted massively from single digits to 147k we thought it was over, or at least on its way! Now its gone back to 62K when tested Monday. Is this normal? Worried Mummy!

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Hi there, yes the count will go up and down. In one week my count went from 3 to 965. That was an unusually large swing. Stability will be within a range of counts. Some ITPers have stable counts of around 10 and live full lives. Others put up with counts that go up and down for no apparent reason. Welcome to the world of ITP where logic does not raise its head above the parapet. Nicky


Hi my 4 year olds count went up and down over first 7 weeks then 11 weeks on went straight back up to over 200 and has stayed that way now

Think it's totally normal for it to do this and consultants were never worried about it

Hope this helps


it is very normal your body releases plt constantly and so they fluctuate quickly. Some children will have periods where they are not bruising and you think its over and then here t comes all over again. My daughter had a pretty good year with only 1 infusion last year and so far since then it has been a crazy up and down this year. She gets very angry, moody and emotional so it is awful when her plt are low. Mine was 2 at diagnoses and she is now 6 and they get more relaxed after it becomes a chronic problem. You are still in the new stage and most children grow out of it before they hit the year mark.


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