Is ear piercing ok with ITP?

My daughter wants her ears pierced, but she has ITP and her count is generally between 16 and 22, sometimes lower. Can she get her ears pierced? I've read that ears don't bleed when you get them pierced so I thought that it maybe it would be ok, but then I realised that maybe the bruising could be an issue. She is very prone to bruising and always has over 100.

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  • I have itp (34k count), 22k is a little low there is blood but not much, look at her palette graph if the ones she has are the older and larger platelets then I am guessing it will be ok but talk to a doc first maybe they can do something for a fast build up. good luck and good health to you both.

  • also go to a proper piercing place not at the mall with a gun or a friend with a needle and ice or potato.

  • Hi I would check with your haematologist and if they say its okay I would definately use an approved piercer.

  • Any good piercer wouldn't do it with such a low count. Bleeding time used to be measured by cutting the ear lobe and counting the seconds until it clotted so it has to be false that ears don't bleed.

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