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This is a new site I have only recently found myself- Hoorah!

I am a partner of someone who spent a long time in ICU - approx two and a half m...

Has anyone had problems or changes with hair, teeth or nails.

Have any women, who previously had a stay in ICU, gone on to have children and willing to share your pregnancy and birth experiences? XXX

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Sorry you feel unsupported, but by joining this forum you realise that others are going through the same experience as you.

We will try to support each other.

Intensive Care Society communication research

We've been asked for help by the Intensive Care Society in getting patient and r...

Have the partners of patients in icu noticed certain personality changes in them?

Does oral intake of food/being orally fed whilst being nursed in ICU improve quality of ICU- stay?

Does anyone have experience with oral intake of food (or being orally fed) whils...

Unusual story or not? from a newb

This is a long story but I will try and be brief as much as possible whilst givi...