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Nearly four weeks on a ventilator. Is it possible to come off it?

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On Tuesday it will be four weeks on a ventilator? Is it possible to come off it? Some family members seem to be concerned about the amount of time my brother has been on the ventilator. He was meant to have a trachy two weeks in but be contracted two infections and so they werent able to do it. Has anyone else been in this situation? How long were you or your loved ones on ventilation for and what happened next? X x

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57 days intubated, about 2 weeks trachy/ CPAP, PEEP - finally two/3 weeks nasal prongs & nebulisers. I picked up additional to what I came in with -CMV, MSSA, VRE, EBV & glandular fever whilst in hospital

My Mum was on a ventilator for about 6 weeks. Had a trachy and weaned off. I felt exactly the same, worrying she would never come off it as we had two failed extubations. She came out of hospital a couple of weeks later. It was difficult to eat or speak at first but she is now (apart from the emotional flashbacks) pretty much back to herself. Wishing you all the best, having a family member in ICU is the hardest thing. Try and take a day at a time.

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Thank you. It is a very difficult worrying thing I just want my brother to be ok. 🙏🏻❤️ I am so pleased that your Mum is doing well x x

Hi. Everyone is different. We all react differently to the sedatives.I was in a coma from before Christmas ‘19 through until Feb ‘20. I did have a trachy then and after. It can take along time to come round. I went home in March ‘20. What can you expect? I had deliriums hallucinations loss of memory from before going into icu, tremendous loss of weight, loss of strength in fact no strength, personality change etc.I would say it is really important that you look after yourself now.

My family were in the same situation, a constant roller coaster from what I have been told. I started with a week on a face mask ventilator, but deteriorated.Then put into a coma and intubated for 32 days, then awoken and fitted on trachy for 2/3 weeks as they weaned down the oxygen, then a nasal cannula - plus endless nebuliser treatment - for another two weeks.

Things were complicated by me catching pneumonia in hospital on top of my covid-pneumonitis.

I was finally deemed well enough to be moved down to an "ordinary" heart-lung ward (where people were still quite ill) to start the journey to recover.

I am so pleased you have recovered. I hope my brother will recover like you x x

Thanks, I do too :)

Definitely! I was in a coma for 5 weeks on a vent - it took me awhile to surface after they weaned sedation and they were telling my family the outlook was grim but I made it!

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😀 so pleased x

That’s amazing 🤩

Hi Paris, absolutely yes - I remember feeling the same way, when my husband went in, one of my friends father had just passed away, she was told they don't really like to keep them on life support for more than 2 weeks ( not true, but I didn't know that until months later). As each day went by over the 2 weeks I was so anxious. He had failed so many sedation holds , after 5.5 weeks they started to wean him , it took him several weeks to come round and many many months of recovery, but as I type we have just returned from a weekend in London where he has walked miles . Wishing you and your family all the best , It's a stressful time for you all.

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It is so hard. …. The constant uncertainty and the changes from day to day add to the challenges. I have this Constant anxiety and fear I just cannot shake. I am so glad your husband is back with you now and has recovered x

My husband was on trach and ventilator for 10 months. Intebated for 52 days. Took 31 days to wake up once fentinal was reduced.

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