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My sisters has been off sedation for 6 days after being put into a coma


My big sister who is 21 was hit by a car going round the roundabout, she has a TBI, she’s been moved to another room now but she is breathing on her own and getting less dependent on the ventilator, she’s my absolute best friend and I can’t bear to see her like this :( when she opens her eyes she looks like she’s daydreaming and it’s hard to tell if she’s looking at you, she yawns, swallows and moves her mouth sometimes,

She was admitted on the 21st August

Anyone had any similar stories?

PS the doctor said she may be severely disabled, is that for certain or do they tell that to all the families just in case?

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Hi sorry to here about ure sister huny.

My lady just read ure story and stated I was the same as what u discribed.

So chin up it could be a good sign 😀😀😀😀

SullyR in reply to Wazzafazza70

Thank you so much, you’ve really given me hope.

So sorry to read about your sister. I hope her physical injuries aren't disabling. As for coming out of coma, it takes some time to come back to 'reality'. The whole time I was in ICU I was living in a world where dreams and reality were indistinguishable.

Best wishes to you.

Hi so sorry to hear about your sister my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury last year after being attacked he’s currently classed as minimally conscious some days he follows commands others he doesn’t , i get hugs etc , it’s a very long road we are 14 month on now and it’s heart breaking stay strong she will still be waking up just be there for her

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