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Heart Cath pain


I had a massive heart attack 3yrs ago. They stented me, it closed, stented again ..I have had 5 heart caths.. if I had known what I know now I wud have realized what they were doing to me over& over.. my last cath was Nov.2017( have sever angina - had no idea what that even meant as no Dr wud explain it too me).. they kept doing these damn caths because of severity and frequency of heart pain!

Since this last cath( as with all the others) they went thru my groin)I have pain going down my inside leg and above- I try rubbing it massaging it but nothing helps it. really hurts! They did a ultrasound etc and found “nothing” to explain this pain( maybe scar tissue ) but all these months later

I’m still hurting! Anybody else having prolonged post heart cath pain?

Don’t know what to do.. any suggestions will help! Thx

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