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Waking after neurotoxicity


My dad suffered from neurotoxicity, pneumonia, and a fungal infection after Stem Cell Transplant. He had a unexpected and terrible reaction to anti-rejection medications and has been in a coma/ICU for 6 weeks. He recently emerged from coma is very weak and is still not able to speak or utter any sound or words. He has many wakeful moments...but does get very sleepy and is struggling. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation...is it normal not to able to speak? I know we need to be patient...but just trying to gather as much information as I can. Thank you so very much for any information you can pass along!

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Have you looked at icusteps.org

Loads of info. Does your father have a trachy? His weakness is probably something called ICUAW - being on life support, strips the body of muscle it stands for ICU acquired weakness. I couldn’t talk because of a trachy, it took me 11 days to wake from 7 wk coma & I was uncertain of who to trust - so I kept silent - I now realise I had something called hypoactive ICU delirium. Hope your Dad improves soon.

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