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Mum in Greek ICU

Hi new here. My mum lives in Corfu and has had a brain aneurysm. She is currently on mainland Greece in ICU. It is awful not being able to speak the language and they try with English but it is hard. I am with my sister and dad and we are moving from apartment to apartment so we can visit her. Visiting hours are only half an hour and sometimes we are waiting 1.5 hrs just waiting to get in. Trying to look at getting her back to UK but think it will be too costly. She doesn't have private health care

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Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your mum. It is bad enough being in a hospital in the UK and understanding what is going on so you must be frantic having her there. Is there a British consulate who could find you a translator when you have a doctor to ask questions? Wishing you all well. Xx


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