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my friends wife started to to get sick. she was complaining about her breathing. when she got unresponsive we called 911. the ambulance took her to the er. they found that she had a hole in one of her lungs and put a tube in it to plug the leak and drain fluids in her lungs, when she was stable we went to the house as soon as we got home the hospital called and told us her lungs collapsed and she passed away. is this normal while incubated, you know on a breathing tube. i thought the machine would keep her lungs working

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Similar experience with my father in law this past xmas. He also had a hole in the lung amongst other complications. He passed away in ICU on the 2nd after 20 days there (ventilator for 15 days)

I could be wrong here, but from what I learn’t the ventilator basically “boosts” the flow of oxygen to the lungs, doesn’t necessarily mean the lungs will function as if there was nothing wrong with them.

As far as i understand, once the lung has been that far damaged, A transplant is the only option. The fluid buildup also adds to the lack of oxygen reaching the tissues etc etc...


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