Still paralyzed

My daughter 21 is still in icu, still paralyzed, cannot move a finger. Now she is only able to move her head a little bit to the right and left. She’s trying to speak but can’t because of the tracheotomy. She’s very weak and skinny. What is making me worried is paralyzation . Has any one experienced such a thing that long in icu? I mean she’s been in this condition for over two months now. I try to be strong for her but I keep having panic attaches whenever I go home. So sad and shocked.

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  • Once I was ‘woken’ from medically induced 2 month coma, it took me another 11 days to come around. Even then, I wasn’t back to normal for weeks. Your daughter is young and that is on her side - recovery can be quicker, the younger & fitter you are. I was advised it would take me 12 days for every day I was on ICU, to recover.

    I had massive weight loss and muscle waste. I couldn’t communicate meaningfully with trachy - I couldn’t use my hands to write, I couldn’t speak...once, after several weeks of physio, I started to be able to sit up, use my thumbs to text, eat, drink - then I started to improve and get stronger - it took weeks......dont despair, your daughter needs your encouragement more than ever. It feels like an unsummountable Hill we have to climb - best wishes

  • Thanks alot Sepsur,sharing your experience is realy helpful.

  • Hi Nawalsaleh sorry to hear about your daughter.My partner was in icu for 4 months she also had a trachy,lost 50% of her body weight. Was unable to move any part of her body and like you thought she would be paralyzed however after spending a total of 8 months in hospital with excellent physio made a full recovery.It took 18 months to fully recover but she is fine now. Stay positive x

  • Your partner’s experience is giving me hope, thanks for sharing.

  • I really feel for you. So very distressing. Beyond words. It’s different for everyone but there are a lot of us here who have come back from terrible situations to be ok or near as damn it. It’s so hard but stay strong. I woke up too quickly from my coma. It was like being slam-dunked but I have a friend who came out of their coma very slowly. Couldn’t move or communicate for weeks but he is near to his old self now. Hold on in there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • I really appreciate your support words, they give me hope to look for the better.

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