Nan not waking from sedation

Hello all, my nan was rushed it to hospital on Wednesday and had a severe lung infection. This resulted in her going into septic shock and multiple organ failure. They have turned the ventilator to support rather than control. He feet are still dark purple due to the Noradrenaline she was on. Today is now Tuesday and they have stopped the linderkaine almost 48 hrs ago. She is not waking up, there is nothing. Every time I think it's a sign she is waking up in told it's a automatic reaction. Ie blowing on her eyes and she twitches, or sucking on a sponge. They are having her see a neurologist to see if there is anything wrong with her brain. They have also recommended a EEG. I feel really lost and emotional at the moment. I just want her to wake up

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  • How scary for you, my heart goes out to you. Just to reassure you, I was similar. I took a few days to wake up. I don’t remember anything from this time. I also had pneumonia, sepsis and respiratory failure. This was 6 months ago and I am now making a slow but steady recovery. Sending Support.

  • I went into 2 grade 3 Coma’s with Sepsis, pneumonia and MRSA. My kidneys failed so I had to have dialysis and I was given a 1-2% survival rate. It took about a week for me to wake up after both Comas. It’s now 4 months since I’ve been home and I’m slowly recovering. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xox

  • When I had sepsis, I was in a coma for five weeks, then in and out of one for a while (they had difficulty waking me). ICU for nine weeks altogether. That was 20 months ago and here I am. Good luck!

  • My mum was very very ill and NOT waking. My kids were told to kiss their nan goodbye ! Its 6 weeks since they did and she is now on a recovery ward laughing with us all again. its stressful but dont lose hope

  • Apparently I was non responsive for a week. A neurologist was sent for as well. Don’t give up hope, people do come back from this. Thinking of you.


    I hope your Nan is doing ok. It took me eleven days to fully come around after a medically induced coma. I don’t know if I was responsive in that time.

  • Luckily enough the day after a neurological assessment was completed, to which they diagnosed my nan as having brain damage. She began to woke up. She is now more awake, they have put a tracheostomy in her as she was too dependent on the ventilator. Now she is having periods of 8 hours without it. My nan has a long way to go, but she really wants a cup of coffee lol. She is having her bitter lemon and water but doesn't compare to drinking proper fluids and she wants food. I hope they allow her to start eating and drinking soon. Just want a cuddle from her again

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