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2 month after major head injury

I have posted on here before but I am now 2 month in to the rehabilition of my brother he was attacked 2 month ago and they had to remove the left hand side of his skull, they have said his head injury is really bad and can't believe he survived, he spent 8 days in a coma then 2 weeks in itc and hdu he got moved to a special ward about a month ago now where they do speech therapy and physio, he smiles sometimes and cries also he smiles when we talk about things that hav happened in the past , he has now started to follow movement with both eyes which they have said is good but some days we get nothing he just stares , I'm prettified this is going to be what we are left with of him, he does make noises sometimes but isn't talking yet, I just feel like this is it for him he doesn't follow commands for the hospital staff. Can anyone help or experienced this am I expecting to much to soon it's been such a long 2 month I want my brother back

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Hi leab having been in a coma myself and my husband being in one and him having a brain injury it is really very very early days. My husband was in a rehabilitation centre for 2 years and he had support for about 3-4 years when he was home. But 12 years down the line he has been back to university πŸŽ“ and is now back in employment and he looked after me for last few years as I was seriously ill with liver disease. So it's going to be a long long road but worth it also if you get in touch with a charity called headway they are a brain injury charity they will be able to help you with so much information x. Hold on it's a long journey but be worth it

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You for taking the time to reply I think I'm just struggling at the moment I don't sleep and force myself to eat I just want to spend every minute of everyday with him, I'm pleased your husband is ok and you also it gives me hope


No problem at all. But you need to look after yourself as well your not going to be much use to help him if your not well.

He is in the best hands and I know I wasn't even aware of people being around for a few weeks after waking from the coma.

Honestly though get in touch with headway they are a fantastic support and will know exactly what you are experiencing xx


I was wondering if I could interview you for a novel I have been writing for 16 years. I am at a point where one of the girls in the novel had received massive trauma and is currently in a coma. I have no medical training or understanding what a girl goes through in events like this. Ivcan only slightly relate as I have had brain trauma a few decades ago and had amnesia for 6 months. If you are so inclined to help me carry my character through this difficult time that would be great. The book is entitled, Demon at my Doorstep, Angel in my House. I am hoping to complete the sequel in a months time so I can finally publish the complete book. My name is Greg. Here is my email: PanJammi@hotmail.com .

Talk it over with the husband. It would be great if I can do a phone interview. I am in Oregon so I hope the time difference is not an issue for you both. God bless.


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