Hi all,

I have been out of icu for 15 months now but still feeling not good, muscles still not strong, memory bad plus my voice is croaky, does anyone elso have these symptoms?

Thank you for any advice.

Kind regards,

Joanne 😀

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  • Hi - my memory is terrible!! I was always poor with remembering names of people and things - now I'm really poor. I forget words - I know I know them but cannot recall the word I need to use 😡

  • Hi, my partner has been out of ICU for four months still has severe pain in his muscles , gets tired quickly and when he is tired his memory is poor, along with his thought process! According to the Social Security system he is fully ok to work?

  • Sadly what you're experiencing is all very normal when you've survived a trip in ICU. I was in for a month and have suffered with weakened leg muscles. Memory problems hair loss, which has now ok, bad nails, and a few other issues. They say time will improve things but you have to work at it. Sometimes though not everyone returns back to what they were before. Hope you pick up soon.

  • Hi jobo I can relate as I have been out of ICU for almost 17 months and have definitely not recovered. I have post sepsis syndrome which still affects my muscles and therefore my mobility. I suffer from fatigue and my cognitive function is definitely not as good as previously. Healing thoughts for your continuing recovery.


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