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Hope for my mom with pulmonary fibrosis

My mom was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and copd and now has been moved to icu and now diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and has been on a vent for over 2 weeks. Lung doctor has tried to convince us that even if we do trachsectomy that there will be no change for her. We have decided to go with trach anyway and give her a fighting chance. Has anyone been through similar situation and can give us advise?

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I Suffered with double pneumonia, severe sepsis, multiple organ failure and ARDS causing my left lung & two thirds of my right lung to completely stiffen, spending 19 days on a ventilator before having a tracheotomy for a further 65 days, leaving me with pulmonary fibrosis and my lungs looking like a patchwork quilt.

That was over 6 years ago, when I left hospital I had a 54% lung capacity and thought I would never improve, I now have 86% lung capacity, blood oxygen level of 93%, amazing everybody on my recovery, I can't do a lot of things I used to but I'm still here enjoying life, so my advice is never give up hope as I'm living proof miracles do happen.



Hi, my moms going through the same thing. Hows your mom doing?


My mum has copd and has been in intensive care now for 18 days . She has a trachy. She is awake and aware but very weak. Yesterday we were told that they will treat her with new antibiotics for a chest infection she has and if no progress then after a week they will prepare to remove ventilator and allow her to die. Doctors feel she will not recover. I feel mum has been given a death sentence and my heart is broken. She was so happy to see us all yesterday , desperate to talk and asking why she cant speak . She was laughing and joking with my son . This all seems so unfair


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