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Guillian-Barre syndrome

I was wondering have anyone else heard of Guillian-Barre my cousin was recently diagnosed. He ended up with this after having pneumonia really bad and ended up on a ventilator for 7 days. After coming off he couldn't move any parts of his limbs or even sit up. After several test they come up with Guillian-Barre, which they say he can fully recover but it will take awhile. This is all new to us he is having a hard time coping he is only on his 20s. If anyone knows about this syndrome please inform me some information on this.

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A work colleague of my husband lost the use of his legs in 2009 and he was diagnosed as having Guillan barre syndrome. He was off work and was able to return to work after 6 months. He recently said that he had full use of his legs but was aware that it could return.

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Hi, sorry this is quite a late reply. I had Guillain-Barre when I was 18(I'm 45 now) and I to was in a bad way. I managed to avoid being vented but only just and spent a couple of months in hospital hardly able to move, my eyes had to be taped shut at night because I couldn't close them, it hurt to talk and altogether it was a pretty shit experience!

However 20 odd years later I am happily married with 3 children, work full time in the community for the nhs, and apart from the fact I'm the clumsiest person ever, I slur my speech when I'm tired and I have some peripheral nerve damage I have a perfectly normal life. Every case is different but I wanted to let you know that it gets better and there is no reason why it won't for your cousin.

If you need to know anything don't hesitate to message me

Emma x


Thank you so much Emma for that it gives us so much hope I will share your story with him. He is really in a depressed state of mind and hopefully he can get out of it and surpass this condition we all are praying and rooting for him


It's no problem, what part of the country are you in? If it's local to me I don't mind coming to see him if it would help x


Sorry so late to reply but we are in Michigan is that near where you are located


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