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Pneumonia & Swine Flu H1N1

Hello All ,

Last year i was in bed ill with what i thought was a bad cold , couldnt move all i wanted to do was sleep , Wednesday Afternoon i had put the tv on for a bit of noise in the background while i drifted in and out of sleep. I woke to find the TV on fire and melting off the wall , room filled with black smoke , i managed to get out call the fire brigade and collapse on my front garden , I was taken to local A&E and admitted for smoke inhalation , Released the next day i went back to my mother in laws as our house was wrecked and i spent the next 3 days in bed , i had never felft so ill and sleep is all i wanted to do , i got up on the Sunday morning as i felt i needed to try to do something rather than sleep , twice in a matter of minutes i fell over gasping for breath. My wife rushed me back to A&E where my oxygen was down to 30% , i remember nothing more for 2 weeks.

I can tell you what i dreamt however it felt like real life and even 1 year on i remember it all like it happened for real. i remeber being on a trolly and i could hear nurses saying how they were going to rape me and let the male nurses rape me too and no one knew i was there they could keep me as long as they wanted too , i was so scared as i could hear but couldnt move or speak , I remember hearing my parents an wife talking about me and when i did reply they never answered back , Doctors telling me i had to give them all my cards as i had to pay for my treatment as i had used up my national insurance money i had paid in over the years. I thought my wife had been having an affair and everyone knew apart from me , I had robot nurses looking after me i was being flimed for a documentry , i flew to america as my kids had an issue with a credit card and it ended up in a shoot our with the police. i thought my youngest daughter who was 17 was pregnant with triplets and i was so annoyed with her as she was going to Uni.....Nurse telling me i was never going home unless i gave them the password to my skybet account !!!!

Now we all know none of this was true however in the world i was living in for that 2 weeks it seemed the gospel truth in my head.

It took a few days after coming round to know none of this was true and was a scarey place to be , i was in hospital a total of nine weeks in total , I just wanted to put my story here so if you have a loved one in a coma just be kind and gentle with them when they come round and do not listen too much to what they say as most of it although being very real to them is complete fiction.

I made a slow return too work 4 weeks after coming out of hospital and i am now back to normal , My kidneys packed up as well but they slowly returned to good health but that did take a few months. Bless you all out there that go through this as it is something i never want to face again. Jason x

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So sorry to hear this! Only people who have been through this can understand what a life changing experience it can be I am glad you have made a good recovery x


Hi Jason, sorry to hear what you have been through. I had a similar experience 6 years ago, its very frightening isn't it? Mine was pneumonia and swine flu as well and those nightmares and hallucinations are so real, in the end I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't. I'm so pleased that you have made a full recovery, it has changed the way I look at things, I'm so grateful for everything now. Wishing you lots of luck for continued good health!x


Thank you , no one ever understands till you have been through it. Glad your 6 years past too x


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