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Breastfeeding in ICU?

Hello ! I am looking at breasrfeeding in ICU as I am 32 weeks pregnant and have a high risk pregnancy. My very low lying placenta has managed to go deep in my uterine wall in just a small area of 2,5cm near my cervix encircling half of it. Things may turn out well but there is a chance they won'tbeable to take the placenta off so there is a chance of hysterectomy. There is also chance of attachment to the bladder so there will l be a urologist in. This happenes because of a fibromyoma I had removed six years back. My baby is doing well but I am quite stressed as there is always a chance of bleeding before we go in for elective CS and that will have to beearlier than planned this week they will tell me and I suspect the number will beclose to 35 weeks. As I can't imagine myself not breastfeeding I have these thoughts of my baby being fed bottles while I am in ICU recovering. I will fight for it before hand. I will make my doctor swear that if I am not unconscious I will breastfeed in ICU. I breastfed my elder for 20 months and I intend no less this time wirh or without a uterus. Thanks for reading me!

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Hi Loukia, what a worrying time for you, but great you are planning to breast feed your new baby when it arrives. I would keep speaking to the medical staff that will be involved with your care as there may be certain drugs they use that may pass through to your milk. That said, I have been a nurse in ITU for 17years and we have had ladies expressing their milk whilst hooked up to bits of equipment and it hasn't been a problem.

Good luck with everything


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