our mum

our mum of only 57 years old the kindest person in the world died 7 weeks ago and leaves behind 8 children. she went in for a biopsies 3 day later she became unwel we called an ambulance as she was unwell when they arrived she just fainted in our arms they took her out in a chair and just put her out on a streacher by the time they did al this witch was almost 20 minunits later the doctor on call arrived and screamed at the medics on borad saying what this lady has been without oxergin for nearly 20 minunits theydidnt northink to help her up till then the doctor on call then did everything to bring her back while we al screamed outside the ambulance they did get her back twice with a low pules but when we raced after her to the hospital they called us all in the room and said shes still alive bu she was now brain dead as she had been left without oxergin for so long we stayed with her all of us for so long holding her my mums eyes were open but she never came round . when the ambulance crew frist arrived at my mums house we told them she had sepsic of the lung and had also just had a biopsies only 3 days before they did checks and found she had low tempture and high heart rate they should of at least made it a posserbility that she might be in sepsic shook and did cpr their and then even the fast response doctor screamed at the ambulance women at the time and wouldn't let us in to see her in the ambulance they say she died of lower resbery contract infection We say she was failed in every way possible

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rest in peace


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