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Hair loss

Hi thort id share my story im kate im 35 i now suffer anxiety n stress disorder back in 2010 i hit a trauma and lost my nephew then 12 weeks later i found my nan dead in her flat she was my world i done everything for her like a carer would.i had to call police to have door kicked threw and there she was in her chair sadly passed away something i didnt expect.Altho i drank anyway i literally went alot wprse and knew i had to get away lluckily a friend from swaffham saved me n come to wales to get me n take me to swaffham the december i came home back to wales four months later of the booze looked healthy also my kids had left to live with auntie at this time and i visited when could.in april 2011 i felt i was ready n needed to be in wales so i got on a bus n home i went.in the october i noticed a bald patch in hair i screamed ran to show my mum i was mortified by end october i had lost it all and strted wearing wigs it be in bath on pillow it was worst thing ever i felt a freak stil do as only lately its started to grow slowly i still wigs is taken all of me n my life i dont associate or go out.i lost a job cos of how concious i am n lack of confidence and self esteem its ruined me n my life some ppl have took mick etc but now i tell ppl i wear a wig as it sorta makes me feel bit comfartable its been hard very im down most days and cry im so emotinal now its changed me n the person i am n was i dnt trust noone i get paranoid n clam up.my bbest advice to hair loss is dont stress over little things stress can cause a major impact on health n ur body.dnt let ppl stress you try to overcome feeling stressed get ur partner friend to rub your head since my bf has done it my hair has thickened up but if ever i hit traums theres chance itll hapen again.stress people think its just a name but its quite a harmful thing with impacts on urhealth i cudnt believe it reading what stress can do to someone and there health.also threaopy sessions etc so peeps keep calm dnt let the stress get a hold of you be strong keep smiling.x x x

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