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So my roommate went in for a hernia repair and expansion/reinforcement of her diaphragm and esophagus on December 14, 2016. She coded twice in surgery and was then placed in a medically induced coma and didn't wake up until Christmas. Since she came home on December 27th, she hasn'tbeen able to eat a full meal without throwing up. The surgeon said take one of the nausea pills 30 minutes before she eats and that's not helping. Her surgeon is a sick and really doesn't want to help out and I can't get her convinced to go to the ER. Any suggestions????

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Tell her to go and get checked for Sepsis. It affects eating and it could kill her


Ok thank you very much.I'm


niksofly we went to the ER and got her checked out and you nailed it! She was borderline septic. They gave her a blood transfusion and kept her over night with IV antibiotics. She's slowly but surely starting to get better. Thank you for the advice


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