Improvement in both brother's and son's condition


Sending you this update from the hospital on my mobile

Have some brilliant news for you all because they has been some improvement in both my brother Eric's and my son Zac's condition this week, 3 days apart and I am pleased/over the moon about this.

Earlier today whilst at work, I got a call on my mobile from the Intensive care nurse looking after Eric, saying that "Eric has started to breath by himself and that doctors have started to wean him off the life support machine" and 3 days ago I was sat with Zac, with a close friend, when he squeezed my and my close friend's hand.

Both Eric and Zac still remain in their coma and I will keep you all updated as soon as there is more changes in either Eric's or Zac's' condition.


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  • How wonderful for all concerned, kindest wishes to you.

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