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Breathing vent/ sedated

Hi, A week ago today (well technically itll be an exact week come midnignt) my mom had a really bad asthma attack. Shes 43 and has severe asthma. Doctors realized she wasn't breathing out enough Co2 so they decided it was best to sedate her and put her on a vent. Day #2 they figured out she has a common cold and shes really wheezy & her lungs were barely moving any air, and she was also fighting the vent, so day #2 they put her on a paralytic. They took down the paralytic yesterday, its been 24 hours and her Co2 levels have stayed stable, and shes doing fine without the paralytic. Its day 6, and the doctor is letting her rest today because he claims shes still wheezy, and lungs are still tight but moving "air" , doctors may try to start letting down on the sedatives tomorrow.. shes on a steriod dose 2x a day, diprivan and fentanyl.. My question is, a situation like hers, how much longer do you think she will be like this.. Its almost a week .. Im trying to be patient and there has been progress but its so hard! Also, since she has been sedated so long, will it take long for her to wake up. Any advice is appreciated ❤️

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Of course each person is different and the person's body can make a difference as some of the sedatives can build up in the body and fat cells and take a while for the body to clean out.

My dad was on versed and fentanyl for almost a week for kidney problems after an apendetomy. The took him off them sat Oct 22nd. He started moving opening his eyes on Monday Oct 24th. By Tuesday he was moving his arms a little, but shaking and still weak. He was trying to mouth words but having issues because of the ventilator down his throat. I had to come back home Wed, but he was more alert before I left. My mom tells me he has made more progress and and is doing better but still having issues talking.

Part of my dad's issues were his kidneys not being able to clean out the toxins from the meds like a healthy person, so that may have made it longer for him to come out from under the seditave.

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My dad was sedated for four and a half weeks (came off them two and a half weeks ago) - it is taking quite a while for him to rid from his system. For the first week he didn't move his right side and he still seems to drift in and out of sleep regularly. He can't talk and gets quite frustrated that we cant understand him as he has had a tracheostomy fitted. If he does mouth words it is usually to ask for water - he can't drink yet but they put sponges in his mouth he can suck on :( It is very hard being patient but be rest assured it is quite normal for the road to recovery to be very long and very slow xxxx


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