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Good news about my husband

Hi all

It has been a month today since my husband Steven suffered brain injuries in a hit and run and he's finally starting to improve.

Only yesterday doctors managed to wean him of the life support machine because a week ago today he started to breath by himself and this afternoon I was with Steven at his bedside in the ICU when I felt him squeeze my hand, when I mentioned our baby son Andrew. I then saw him open his eyes for the first time since the accident.

Since opening his eyes this afternoon, Steven hasn't said anything yet to anyone, including me.

I'm so pleased/glad he's starting to get better.


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Hi Samantha, so glad you are seeing improvement in your husbands condition. I understand as my husband has a brain injury through a car accident. I just wanted to lead you in the direction of a charity called headway they specialise in helping people with an acquired brain injury and their families deal with the after effects. most important though your husband fighting x

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What wonderful news !!!! ,Samantha you must feel totally relieved, I can't believe in some of the stories I have read on this site/group including my own.

All the very best,


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That's fantastic news Samantha - hopefully he will become a bit more responsive as he wakes up even more - and hopefully he will get to meet baby Andrew very soon xx

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