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Hello to you all,lm new this site just need to tell someone that my lovely wife Sue in the lcu unit at derriford hospital,she's been there now for nearly two weeks with phenomena,sometimes l can't get my head around it,being on own mainly l get so much time to think its not good.Thanks for letting me tell you this. Regards Barry

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Hi Barry, I am sorry to hear about your wife. It's not the same but my aunt was also admitted to the ITU with a chest infection following pneumonia. I just wanted to say I understand how hard it is when a loved one is unwell and how sitting at the hospital gives us not much to do but think and worry.

One thing I will say is that ITU staff are amazing- they work tirelessly to look after their patients and get them fit and fighting again! It may not seem like it but it's much better than being on the ward- the one to one attention she will get here is the best she can get in a hospital.

I also think that you need a break in between visiting hours- go to lunch or browse the shops- anything that doesn't mean sitting in the waiting room at the hospital.

Have the hospital mentioned her infection markers? Maybe ask them the level and if they are going down- that will give you something positive to focus on as they come down. I hope that your wife gets better soon and you can take her home.


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Hi Renu just a little thank-you for your reply. Barry

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That's ok - hope Sue is doing better today.

Hi Barry,

So many people forget the relatives are going through the terrible trauma of ICU while loved ones are often in an induced coma receiving the best treatment possible, my wife described it as being in the ICU bubble every time she walked through the unit doors the outside world never existed, when at home dreading the phone ringing with bad news which it did on several occasions when things took a turn for the worse.

The important thing is to look after your own health as it's easy to let it slip when you are so worried about your wife, try talking to family & friends and except any help they offer, your wife will require your support when she's finally one the road to recovery as being an ICU patient takes it's toll both physically & psychologically.

My thoughts are with you & wife at this difficult time & hope she makes a speedy & full recovery.


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Hi Bill thanks for your reply ,lm trying to look after myself and our dog Ellie she knows that all is not well ,she keeps looking around for Sue.Once again Bill many thanks for your reply,sorry mine is so short . Regards Barry

hi Barry,

sorry to hear about your wife, I was in icu with phenomena plus a lot of other things for 2 weeks, they told my mum I had only 20% to live but I got though it, keep strong for Sue and look after yourself.


Hey Barry, hope you're well? Please remember to take time off for yourself and to let friends and relatives take up some slack for you. I was in ITU in Feb for 2 weeks with swine flu and double pneumonia, sepsis and cardiac arrest. My husband, mother and sister were told I was incompatible with life, but they refused to accept I was a goner. I'm here, today, writing to you from my garden with my 3 dogs, 4 cats and 15 fish. My eldest dog Jasper knew there was something wrong, I'm the kind of girl who skypes her dogs from holiday so 5 weeks without hearing my voice really upset him. My husband would go home each night and cry cuddling our dogs. Please know your wife is fighting this and she wants to come home to you and your dog desperately. ITU staff are so good at treating pneumonia, everything crossed for you both xxx

Hi Barry, it's a difficult time for you, I'm sure, but there are lots of people on here who care. It's a shame that you're on your own, perhaps the way forward is to try and keep busy. I'll pray for your wife and you.

Hi to all just a short reply thanking you for all the nice reply's and prayers for myself and Susan l am glad to inform you that she is returning home TODAY,still a little weak but at home.Once again MANY ,MANY THANKS. Regards Barry

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Hi Barry,

Excellent news and best wishes to both of you.


Oh my God Barry that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you in the uk? If so look up ICU steps local support group and get you and your wife there as soon as you can xxx

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