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Thank you

As the year draws to a close, I would on behalf of ICUsteps like to thank everyone in the community for their posts, comments & support throughout the year.

We would also like to thank everyone involved in the ever growing number of ICUsteps local groups around the country "for giving up their own time" to support the many ex-patients & relatives, helping them through the often traumatic recovery process of a stay in ICU.

Seasons greetings to all in the community and best wishes for 2016


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Seasons greetings to you also Bill and ICU steps. 🎄⛄

Its been just over 5 years since my 2 1/2 month vacation in ICU Worc's . All in all the experience wasn't all bad but I know I would have benefitted hugely if I had found a site like this one.

All I wanted to do while I was recovering in ICU and after I left was to talk to someone who had been through what I was going through.

Although there was very good physical help there was very little psychological help which at the time even the hospital staff freely admitted to.

I would like to thank anyone who is involved in ICU steps and the great work they do in helping people through what can be a pretty traumatic time in their life.

Keep up the great work you do Bill and ICU steps :) .



Thank you Bill, and to ICU steps, and Happy Christmas to everyone here.

I have just celebrated my 5th anniversary of admission to ICU.

I had a Boerhaave spontaneous oesophageal rupture, which , I understand, can be difficult to diagnose as it can 'present' as other conditions. And I was in A & E over a weekend.... So it took more than 48 hours to diagnose it, and have emergency surgery (my lungs were beginning to pack up) .

I read recently that if there is this amount of delay, there is a mortality rate of about 90%.

Most of us former ICU patients posting here have been very near to death.

So, at the risk of sounding sentimental, big hugs and respect to us all (and our families and friends)


Happy Christmas, Bill and everyone. We're alive! We are so lucky! I'm especially lucky this year, I'm getting the best Christmas present in the world, a new great grandson, due on boxing day.

Although I must admit there have been times when I've wondered if it was all worth the effort to survive, now I'm so glad to be here!

Holly and mistletoe and hugs and kisses to you all xx


When I found ICU steps in 2008 it got me though some very dark and confused times and has been a real asset to me and my family.

Be Well


Hi Bill,

I would also like to thank everyone involved in the ICUsteps community. It has been four years since my stay in the ICU. While time has moved on, friends and family have put it all behind them, there is still a huge part of me that has been forever changed (physically and emotionally).

I am very thankful that this community is here that understand.

Happy holidays!!'


Hi Twash,

Unfortunately I think so many of us will never be the person we were before ICU, as you say it changes us both physically & emotionally something many people will never understand, we don't ask for sympathy, just empathy, the one thing this community is full of understanding and will continue to be here for everyone that needs our support.

Best wishes to everyone, have a great Christmas & a fantasic New Year.


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Yes. Second that. Hope everyone has a good 2016 !


Hope everyone in the community has a good 2016 too !

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