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Dad in icu, on ventilator, trouble waking up from sedation

my dad has been in icu for copd exaberation for 10 days now, hes havinv trouble waking up from sedation. hes on olanzapine and fluxitine but they never gave him his medicine altho they had info that he takes it regularly!! they put him back on it yesterday and said it should help him wake upnow. pls help and give info im feeling lost, how much longer till he wakes up??

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Please don't worry about your dad taking his time waking up after ventilation. My husband took a very long time and we worried that he had had a stroke and would never regain consciousness again but one day we went into his room and he was smiling and recognising everyone, Each person is very different so please be guided by the doctors and nurses as they have seen many different reactions in people coming out of an induced sleep. Good luck and I wish you all the best.

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This is reassuring I hope my uncle does this xx


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