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One strange thing has happened to me since my time in ICU five years ago. I don't move in my sleep. I'm supposed to sleep propped up on pillows, and sometimes I slide off the pillows but I'm always in the same position, on my back, arms by my sides, legs straight , exactly as I was in ICU, when I wake. I've slept like that for five years. It's not a problem, it's just odd. Does anyone else find the same thing?

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I am exactly the same! I had put it down to my reliving a previous hospital experience (20 years ago for a discectomy). It's quite convenient, I find!


Hi Anthony, It took me a while to work out what a dis-cectomy was. now I've realized it's a disc-ectomy!

It is quite convenient. If I fall asleep in a chair reading a book, I don't drop it, and if I'm sewing I wake still holding the needle!


Me too except I lie on my side with arm fully extended along my side (had to lie like this for 6 months with IV - if the arm was bent the machine into a frenzy)


Skysie, it must have been so difficult to lie on your side and not move your arm, when you first had to do it. But we can get used to anything if we have no choice. Did you always sleep on the same side? Did they change the the IV to the other arm sometimes?

I had IV antibiotics for seven weeks, and I remember the machine going mad if I moved, but I was lying on my back.


Just lying on my right side - there were drains on the other side. Oh the joy of eventually being able to change position!


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