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Did you have help from the outreach service?

The drop in care from ICU to the general ward is a difficult time for many patients and their families. Where hospitals have an ICU outreach service, they can visit recently discharged patients on the general ward and help smooth the transition.

Did you receive visits and help from outreach? We'd like to hear your experience and thoughts about the outreach service.

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My farther in law has anxiety problems and due to his son is in icu he is finding it difficult no help at all where we are;(...think there should be an out reach program for family members in every hospital the doctors never tell you anything unless you ask! I went in the other day and my husband is in a side isolation room due to contagious infection they let me threw I walked in and the bed was empty I nearly passed out with fright and the nurse casually said oh he's been moved the microbiologist has cleared him of infection so we moved him on icu ward with other patients I was fuming surely they should of rang me they said they would if there was any updates then they moan when me and family call all the time but we don't trust them to tell us updates x

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I remember the outreach nurse visiting me on the ward once just to check on how I was finding the ward, unfortunately it made no difference, the ward staff appeared totally unaware that I had spent 3 months in ICU, the only upside for me was a visit from two of the ICU nurses and a junior doctor on different occasions, it was so nice to see some friendly faces, on a very busy under staffed ward.


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