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Covid: Not conscious but dispatched from the ICU


So yeah after 29 long days on the ICU my mom has been released from the ICU. I really don't know how I feel about that because even though she's awake she's not conscious (15 days after the sedation was stopped). Meaning she's not communicating at all. I'm afraid, honestly. Afraid something happens and no one will be able to detect it.

She's breathing on her own just using a nasal cannula, being tube fed and using a catheter. She doesn't require dialysis anymore.

Now it's a waiting game... Not sure if they will check her neurological condition. They keep delaying it. But doctor said that now that she's out of the ICU she will be getting another kind of treatment which will focus on getting her moving and recovering. Leaving the ICU usually make patients feel better according to him...

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That’s such good news. Why do you feel disappointed? I would love my dad to be discharged from ICU, as you know he is in the same position as your mum.

Let me know on your mums progress! Praying for you x

Marcita in reply to Chanlib

Because I thought she would be released only after regaining consciousness. Plus I'm afraid they took this step too early. She had fever 2 days ago... I fear that they will not be able to detect a problem in case it happens...

Fingers crossed that she will show us good improvement signs!

She will! I’m sure the doctors are doing everything for your mums benefit. If you’re still in doubt don’t be afraid to ask the doctor the reasoning for discharging and your concerns.

Marcita in reply to Chanlib

The nurse has just said that she moved her eyes meaning "no" when they asked "do you feel any pain?".

I feel positive now 🤞

Chanlib in reply to Marcita

Oh that’s so good! Slow slow progress but still progress!

Oh Marcita! I am so happy that things are moving in a positive direction - you are giving me hope. It is a great sign that the doctors feel she is ready to step down, these things take time. Stay strong, I am sending you a hug.

You have to see it as a positive sign - they believe she can hold her own 😀

You have to see it as a positive sign - they believe she can hold her own 😀

We spoke with the nurse again. She's responding with the eye and very weakly tried to squeeze the nurse's hand. Hopefully it's all about rehabilitation now 🙏🙏🙏

This is great news Marcita!!!! Onwards and upwards now. Thinking of you! 🙏

Great news fingers cross

Gosh wonderful news , so pleased for you, what a journey we are all on .

That's great news! I understand how concerned you are about her leaving ICU. I worried also when my Dad left because I wasn't convinced he was ready but the staff are all so well trained in such a specialized field that they really do know what they are doing even if we cannot see how less critically ill they are.

Good morning, Just hoping mom is doing better today! Best, JM

Hi Marcita I pray your mom comes out of this. We decided not to continue to allow my mom to suffer she wasn’t getting any better. They wanted to cut her throat to put a tracheotomy and a feeling tune. But they said she’s dying it would do more harm than good.?the blood in her brain did damage to her she was never going to be able to talk, walk or feed herself. Also Mortality life on a tracheotomy is one year for a critical person which my mom was. This virus is horrible it destroyed my mom in one month. My heart is so broken I really wanted my mom to come home. I guess God had other plans. Take care and good luck with your pregnancy and I pray your mom comes home soon.

avnipiro in reply to Mguzman1

So sorry 😞

Ferham in reply to Mguzman1

I am so sorry to read this .

Marcita in reply to Mguzman1

Oh no I'm so sorry 😔

May she rest in peace now. I feel every covid patient deep inside my heart. We are like one big family.

Sending you a virtual hug and may God comfort your soul 🙏

Hi Marcita your moms situation is very similar to my dads he is off the sedation but not reacting not following commands how is your mom doing now if you don’t mind me asking hoping better.

Thank you ❤️

Marcita in reply to varmenta83

My mom is good. She's Covid free and making physiotherapy because of a stroke during intubation. She's a little gloomy and depressed because of everything but totally conscious and alert. She already fought against the worst. She just need time to recover. Wishing a speed recover for your dad!

Ps: she was released from the hospital but some small issues required her to go back. So she's at another hospital now. Kinda of doing rehab.

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