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Any and all information would help

Hi Everyone

I’m struggling to find posts about what’s going on with me so I thought I’d braindump and hope for the best lol.

I have a prolapsed uterus, a rectocele and a cystole. The Doctors think the uterus is causing the other two complaints. I’m booked in for a vaginal hysterectomy and anterior repair on 30/11 and just not sure what to expect really? Will I need HRT? They’re leaving my ovaries. I’ve put on two stone in the last two years, which is strange for me, could it be related maybe? Will I struggle to lose weight more after surgery? Will compression pants help recovery with a vaginal hysterectomy?

I have a bad back but it’s been getting much worse in recent years, could the prolapsed uterus be a reason for this? Do you still have your sensations during intimacy etc? How about bowel problems? I’ve had terrible problems because of this, my uterus pushes against my rectum so I really struggle to pass stools. To the point I have to ‘help’ the process, if you know what I mean 👆🏼 and this happens about 16 times a day, 20 minutes a pop 😩

I’m hoping the surgery will help my bowel but my rectocele is worse than my cystole and when I last saw my consultant I didn’t think to ask why she was doing an anterior repair opposed to a posterior one? I’m only 34 so I’m also worrying about long term implications and dealing with the mental side that goes with it.

Any advice would help as I feel blind in all this no matter how much research I do.


N xxx

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Hi N

I can help with some points, I had a vaginal hystercomy with anterior and posterior repair on Wednesday.

All seems ok so far, so wouldn't worry about the op to much if you can. If your overuse are left you won't go in to menopause.

As for intimacy I can't answer that yet, ask in 6 weeks ha.

I also had awful trouble with the bowel, a similar situation to you until I was referred to bowel disfunction nurse and I know use a mini irrigation system basically a little pump with water that you squeeze in your bottom, helps things move along,

Am hoping the op helps the bowel.

I have gained a dress size but have had to change my gym habits and think it's down to that more than anything.



Thanks for your reply Lynn, my surgeon said she doesn’t like to do both at the same time as the stitches can combine, but I’ve emailed her secretary about my worries and asked if it could be an option on the table or if I could have the posterior repair first if only one can be done.

Thanks again xxx


Hope you’re on the mend and feel better soon xxx


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