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Bright red blood 3 weeks post op

I am 3 weeks post op having had TLH BSO - (EVERYTHING removed ☹️) I have been having the brown/pink discharge since around day 5 however the pink discharge has been increasing in volume and this morning when I woke up I had bright red fresh blood. Yesterday and last night I did have an uncomfortable back ache and didn't feel quite right. Upto now I have been feeling absolutely great even considering I had a bladder trauma during op and was catheterised for 2 weeks. The hospital did phone me yesterday to say my urine sample has detected an infection so they have started me on another 3 day course of antibiotics. It just seems strange that suddenly started getting fresh blood loss and crampy tummy discomfort - feels like everything is "tightening" inside and have a feeling of heaviness in my vagina area. Also tummy felt tender and warm for last few days. Is this normal?

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Hi I'm only week and half post op it I keep getting bleeding on and off still housebound with the bladder pain and also have the pressure feeling in vagina .😖 Maybe your cramps pains are bowel pains with the infection and abx are they high does ones?


Hi Alicepirate. Bleeding has stopped now it's just light pink discharge. Yes they were high dose abx but finished the course now. Still got 'heavy' feeling in pelvis and every time I pass urine there's a tightening inside my pelvic area but I assume that's due to the trauma I received to my bladder. Getting lots of night sweats now too. Going to see gp to get some hrt. Hope you are doing ok. It's a long road so take care xx


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