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Considering an Oopherectomy (for endo)

Hi Ladies, would anybody who has had this operation be able to share how it went, how you felt afterwards and how it affected your life generally, how the hrt has worked?

I'm 42 and don't need ovaries for fertility reasons but confess the idea of removal disturbs me irrationally for some reason. It does seem though that I am severely ill and simply may not have much choice in the end.

Hearing others experiences would really help me get my head around things. Tia for your stories....

My background: After a laparoscopy diagnosis of Deep RV Endo ( a single 2 cm nodule) in December I've been in discussion about surgical next steps. Initially I was told I'd need excision. After further bowel investigation though I've been told it's high risk as bowel is attached to the cervix and distorted and was instead recommended a zoladex trial with a view to possible oophorectomy BLO and tubes if it works. I've agreed to this trial and took zoladex round 2 yesterday. So far it is not going all that smoothly side effects wise. I am generally not in great pain though my fatigue is off the scale and hard to cope with and sexual intercourse with hubby is a past memory now. I have bladder issues that are disruptive, my bowel despite being the cause of it all is not problematic though I am occasionally straining when I used to be a cup of tea and go girl ( apologies for the tmi). I am post operatively experiencing more pelvic pain than pre op. I have a coil in which has stopped my periods.

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Is it just the ovaries they re recommending to be removed or a total hysterectomy? I am only asking as I have endo (on everything including the bowel and bladder). I have been told that I have a very unhealthy womb as I have adenomyosis (causes bulky womb) as well as multiple fibroids. I have opted for hysterectomy but leaving the ovaries - my surgeon never removes the ovaries as they put the body into temporary menopause, which then causes further issues. The endo is being removed by radical excision. I refused any hormonal alternatives as I also have Interstitial Cystitis (chronic inflammation of the inner lining of the bladder) and am already on four tablets a day as well as regular monthly bladder installations, which is why I refused any medication.

I have opted to have this done privately and his methods to differ from the NHS.


Hi Summer143 my surgeon seems to want to do the opposite to yours that is to leave my uterus in but to take the ovaries and tubes out. He is BSGE. It's much less risky than the bowel operation would have to face if I were to go with excision. I had mild IC but got it under control. I was just wanting to find out how someone felt going through Oopherectomy to try to get my head around that option and weigh it up. It doesn't seem a very common procedure.


Hello Starry

I'm sorry I don't have any experience of just having the ovaries removed, I had TAH and BLO in August and have been great, apart from menopause symptoms.

I hope some one comes along who can help you further 😊

Best wishes



Thank you for replying Anna. I am very glad your TAH went smoothly for you. Hopefully I will hear from someone who had a sole BLO done.

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Hi I had a bilateral oopherectomy a year ago but still have my womb and wasn't really prepared for how bad surgical menopause could be.The sweats were constant but the depression and terrible anxiety left me unable to work and barely function,I had been advised not to take HRT because of family history so for several months I tried every natural product I could but unfortunately nothing helped.

I have now gone on HRT as I didn't feel I had any option and it's been great, I have the Mirena coil and take estrogen seperately which seems to work well and my consultant assures me this is the safest way to take HRT

,I don't regret the operation as I'm now pain free and the constant worry of ovarian cancer has gone,it's a big decision to make as not every women suffers as bad with surgical menopause as I have but unfortunately we don't know how our body's will react til it's done.

Good luck it's a good idea to do your research so you are well prepared

I hope everything goes well for you, I'm here if you want to ask anything x

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Many thanks Wendy for sharing. I didn't know that it could cause depression and anxiety. I have a long history of those so that is a concern and something I will have to look into thoroughly as it's definitely a worry.


Hi, although I am having the procedure done it is at a private BSGE centre. Can't give anymore info on this site, feel free to PM me as he has a very good and informative website.


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