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Really scared about hysterectomy

I have post ablation syndrome and am getting more and more pelvic pain even walking short distances and sitting very painful . I'm self employed and really need to get back to work which has been near impossible since ablation in December and then these awful side effects.

Anyway I'm lucky that I am 41 but am on waiting list for hysterectomy as that's the only cure for the post ablation syndrome I'm 4 weeks into wait but am so irrationally scared about it after the ablation which I was expecting to be ok after a couple of days then the severe pain when I awoke from GA and fighting the hospital for help until finally getting the diagnosis.

I'm really scared of complications and the hospital being terrible again and the worry of it happening. I know the NHs funds very restricted but has anyone has any counciling prior to hysterectomy NHs or private ? I know all this anxiety not going to be good for recovery but I am single with no family to discuss anything with and finding it hard to be calm about stuff and am having irrational thoughts and fears but finding it hard to be calm.

Any advice or expirience would be really helpful :)

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I am sorry that you are feeling so anxious, we can make ourselves sick with worry sometimes. If your concern now is about the hysterectomy then I encourage you to relax. I spent a lot of years complaining to my (very nice) Doctor, about pain, a lot of pelvis pain which I saw three different urologists about. When I was 50 he sent me for a pelvic ultra sound. The lady that was doing the ultra sound told me what she was seeing (3 large fibroids) and suggested I might want to see gynaecologist, so I asked for a referral. After explaining all my symptoms and a thorough examination I very quickly agreed to a hysterectomy. Surgery was a little longer than usual - apparently endometriosis run rampant that needed to be cleaned up, full hysterectomy except she left me one ovary to get me into menopause. Was in hospital for a week - certainly be aware of possiblity of bladder infection and bring to attention of nurses as soon as you think it may be. There of course is some pain after major surgery but pain meds are given, and pain does go away. Six weeks of recovery (not painless) and taking it easy while body heals itself. I do not know what your work is but you must plan for time off.

You have to expect there will be some pain but it is temporary pain and it goes away. Having a hysterectomy was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. That was 13 years ago and I have yet to regret it.

You will be OK Alicepirate, try to relax and take care of yourself so you will be strong. You will be able to go for long walks and sit anyway you want to.



Hi, thanks for your reply it does help hearing of others experiences I just got one night in hospital I think when I get a date. Looking at my US i definitely need it so I do just need to not think about it and just get on with it I think. Like you say then I can walk and sit however I want, which are tiny things when you well but at the moment neither I'm able to do so can't wait reallly 😃 Still bit scared but quality of life is getting worse daily as my womb is getting more and more swollen and tissue growing behind scarring and no lining sheds so just getting so uncomfortable.

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