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Post hysterectomy pain

I'm now 15 weeks post op and back at work on the last week of a phased return. I'm exhausted and really suffering from numbness of the tummy, which can also be painful, coupled with internal pains. Really worried that these are adhesions and have been refererred back to consultant and for an ultrasound. Has anyone any advice or have similar stories please?

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Hello JacquelineLopez

I'm sorry you are still struggling 😕 I didn't have adhesions so can't really comment, but hopefully the ultrasound will confirm and your consultant will advise 😊

15 weeks is still quite soon with regards to tiredness. Especially if you are back at work 😕 I hope you can rest well when your at home 😊

Best wishes



Hi Anna

It really is good to hear other stories as it can feel as though I'm perceived as being soft or that I should have sorted myself out by now. I am resting at the weekend and trying not to do too much but I'm also conscious of not piling on more weight. I suppose it's finding a balance. Thank you for the message.



I'm also 15wks po. I went back to work at 12 wks on a phased return and have one week left before I'm back on full time hours! It's quite exhausting at times. I'm still getting lots of twinges in my pelvis area and some are quite strong they take my breath away. Mine was done laparoscopically but the skin on my stomach is still very tender to touch. I had my hysterectomy due to stage 4 endo and adeno. I kept my ovaries as they were healthy and due to my age but since my op my left ovary has developed a cyst and microscopic endo (never had endo on it before) which is very painful so I'm having both ovaries removed in 2 wks. Remember it takes a year to fully heal from a hysterectomy so be kind to yourself xx


Oh gosh. You poor girl having to endure another op. Is your skin sore and numb also on your stomach?

Thank you for the message. It means a lot that others are out there going through the same thing xx

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I'm about 20 weeks post op now and starting to feel human again finally. If I push myself physically I'm exhausted for the next few days. My belly swells up incredibly after any exercise - go from about 28" to 34" over the course of the day. Must admit I keep forgetting I've had major surgery and to give myself a break. Still get pain after excessive movement but it is getting easier.

Good luck


Thanks so much for your message. My stomach looks as though I'm six months pregnant. It's really horrible. I'm not the most patient patient but I am learning to listen to my body. Is is best to just keep pushing a little bit more all the time exercise wise?


My doctor told me that there was nothing "wrong" anymore after my surgery and that I could do anything I wanted, but to just listen to my body. For the past few weeks I've been intentionally exercising a bit more each day and I'm definitely getting stronger. Good luck


I'm going back to the consultant soon so I hope to get a few more answers. Thanks.


Hi Dasprior,

I know it was a while ago so maybe you won't recall the details. When did you feel ready to start exercise? I'm 11 weeks post op and feel in the past two weeks that the only time I get really tired is through pure over exertion. I do find that if I really do too much in a day that can almost put me in bed rest for a day afterwards. I'm feeling extremely lucky that my insides have settled and I do not have lingering pain. The only thing still occurring of course is the over exertion swelly belly which will balloon out in a given day of over exertion ie a day hoovering mopping and knowing me probably hands and knees scrubbing (I'm a bit obsessive.)

I usually do high intensity training with warm ups and cool downs but need to really moderate the exercises to start very softly so as not to do damage. I'm finding no information anywhere on when to start moderate to intense core exercising. Its what Im use to pre surgery though I'm terrified of hurting something!

If you can help thank you in advance!


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Hello Jacqueline. I'm 15 months post LAVH and BSO. I had a good recovery right up to 6 week follow up and then it all went a bit pear shaped. First I had a granuloma which had to be dealt with under general, but ongoing pain resulted in diagnostic laparoscopy and division of adhesions between bowel and vaginal cuff. Adhesions can't been seen on ultrasound, CT or MRI. I had all three to try and eliminate every other possible cause. The pain I felt was excruciating when I had a bowel movement and sometimes like I was being cut open with a knife right along my bikini line. I would also feel a dragging sensation when I turned over in bed with everything being pulled about by the adhesions. If the pain is bearable, it might be worth giving it a bit more time to see if it settles. Sometimes the scar tissue gets inflamed, so anti inflammatories might help. It was a risk having the adhesions divided because it is surgery that causes them, but there was a concern about an obstruction. I'm still not pain free 15 months from hysterectomy and 4 months from division of adhesions.


It sounds terrible. I really want to avoid another surgery as there is no guarantee that it will improve anything and it may even worsen things. I'm quite worried really and wish I felt normal. I was obviously not right before the hysterectomy but my daily life is totally different now- for the worse. I'm sorry about your situation. Is it getting better with time?


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