I just wondered if anyone else has problems with sweating. It isnt like the sweats of the menopause (i get them too) but its when i do the smallest thing say hoovering or shopping and the sweat pours off me especially my face but the strange thing is i still feel cold. I dont know if it has anything to do with apls but i was just curious thanks


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  • Don't know the answer to this one but I get exactly the same, so would be interesting if anyone has the answer.



  • Hi there within the spectrum of autoimmune disease lies thyroid issues, thyroid issues often caused in the first place by other autoimmune disease can cause excessive sweating, for apparently no reason.


  • Hi

    I am the same, I am a 46 year old male. I am always hot, cannot cool down, my wife will not allow me to have the window open at night.

    I have only put my fleece back onto my coat as it has been a summer coat upto last week. (Big mistake there).

    When it gets to summer, we are going to feel it more than others big time.

  • I have periods of severe sweating, especially on the back of my head and it runs down my face, for no apparent reason, whilst having freezing cold feet (I have to wear thermal socks through the summer), even the slightest thing makes me break out in a sweat, before I had to sell my business due to not being able to physically do the work anymore I used to visit between 4 and 6 clients homes a day, I had to put half a dozen changes of shirt in the van and some towels, and I spent a lot of my day getting changed in laybys : (

    Another thing I have come and go are night sweats, without being too gross its not just a sweat, but I wake up completely soaked, have a shower, change the sheets then a couple of hours later I'll be just as bad, and it has a, erm, unique sweet odour, either way I got fed up of buying new mattresses and now have to use a waterproof under sheet incase I get an attack of the sweats...

  • Thanks for all your replies I will ask to have my thyroid tested (whats another problem between friends) Can the thyroid affect weight loss. I put on a lot of weight when i was on steroids and now im off them even though i eat like a bird the weight just wont go

    any info will be gratefully recieved

  • I know what Andy means about still having the freezing feet. Mine are cold all day and then for no particular reason they get boiling about 9 - 10pm.

    I am usually freezing or boiling not much inbetween

  • This is a relief, as i have had this problem or many years. my feet and hands never get warm until after tea. Then when i go to bed i have terribly sweats. When i go to St Thomas's next year i am going to mention it.

  • Me too. I have just stood at the till in Asda glowing bright red with sweat running down the back of my head and wet hair, not a pretty sight. I tend to go from hot one moment to cold the next and I am living in layers of clothing these days so I can try to adjust accordingly, I just hope I remember to stop at the bottom layer!


  • Do you take Niaspan? It can also cause sweats.


  • I 2 have the bad sweats just sometimes doing little things even in the shower,I think it has 2 do with the meds that I take 2gether,plaqunill,warfin,pedisone,and ultram,Tina

  • No as far as im aware (i asked the pharmasist) none of the drugs im on should cause this reaction. I had it before i started most of my medication it just seems to have become worse the last couple of months

    I would also like to wish everybody a happy hoiliday and a prosperce neww year

  • Thanks for raising this, margaretjo. I thought it was just me who had this. How useful this forum is. And thankyou AndyA for mentioning the unique sweetish smell. I get that with the night sweats but not with the day sweats. But I don't get the sweats all the time-yet I can't work out a pattern to why sometimes I do, sometimes don't. The room temperature and the outside temperature don't make any difference to the frequency of them. I find holding a battery operated fan to my face helps. If I can cool my face, the rest of my body follows(with a bit of luck) A firm called Travelon makes the best I've found so far with three speeds, powered by four AA batteries.They sell Internationally at various outlets. Happy Christmas to all.

  • I have suffered sweats for several year, It is so embarassing to go shopping as I always have sweat pouring down my face and my hair is always wet. To do any housework I turn the heat off for a time and open a window before starting and still am wet within minutes and yet my hands and feet are froze. I also suffer from uncontrolable body odor. Like was said in an earlier post this is not menopausal sweats, they are much different.

  • Oh Lord the more I read on this site the more I can relate too, I thought it was me..... I am menopausal, but these sweats are different, I also sweat down my back and when this happens I get pins and needles all down my neck, and back and sometimes my arms :(

    My weight has also balloned up 2 stone, I gained another stone and a half when I was on steroids but when really ill, I lost that, but the first 2 stone just will not budge, I am sure it makes my well being worse.


  • Brilliant Question

    I have no temprature control I am wearing a thin vest and have the fan on my hubby is all cwtched = cuddled up in his 15 tog quilt Oh and my quilt is a 5 tog lol this fan is on all night as soon as i get up I am soaking I can't do anything without sweating it drips off me I am forever mopping my face with kitchen roll I even have to have my shower on No 4 and thats freezing to the rest of the family and when I go out I never wear a coat or jacket for very long x

  • just came across this question. I too have been suffering it is so embarassing. I drip sweat im not yet menopausal but have recently had a flare up of APS. Interesting i read warfarin can cause sweating as a side effect has anyone else seen this kathy xx

  • I have had this problem for years and i'm now 44. Consultant endocrinology said due to body mass and usual female, gave me a roll on medication called driscol, it blocks the pores so you can't sweat, but stings when u put it on. I find when INR low or ectopics more frequent and tired it is worse. Standing still doing nothing i can just suddenly sweat loads, not good when at work but can't be helped.

  • I have terrible sweats, and every afternoon my temp goes up a degree, but not related to the sweats. I have an underactive thyroid, but its not related to that, my Gp thinks its related to the Temporal Artritis that I have. But he does regard as a mystery, now I know that it could be the Hughes it makes sense.

  • I've recently been diagnosed with APS after recurrent miscarriages and a stillborn and i very often wake up swimming in sweat. I'm going to tell Dr Senna at Guys & St Thomas when i next speak to them. Reading the above posts indicate some sort of connection.

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