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Hi I am arrlergic to a lot of antibiotics and the only group I know i can take is cefalexins. When i went to my GP on friday it was a new one who I hadnt seen before and when she asked me why i was on cefalex (im recovering fron pneumonia) she was aghast that i was on these. She said that they can cause C-diffacel (sp) and that could kill me. What I wanted to ask was whether anyone else had this allergy problem and if they do whay medication they take, and also whether it is related to APLS . For clarification the antibiotics I canot take are, Penicilan, eurthromicin, doxicyclin, tetracyclin, septrin and ampercilin.

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Hi both my children,,(history of funny medical things, including severe continuous migraine) reacted really really badly to clarithromycin, involving all sorts of medication as it was so severe! Also beta blockers caused a terrible reaction! Mary F


Hi Margaret

same here allergic to most antibiotics. On clarithromicine at moment. Have been for a month and chest infection still here so its not lookin good. Wonder what they got left to try.

Septrin allergy is related to autoimmune conditions such as lupus i think.

Hope you well today.

Gentle hugs love sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I take Erthromycin for life due to Splenectomy in March, it is the only safe antibiotic I can take, anyway a few weeks ago suffered from a cold and sore throat so GP put the Erythromycin up to 4 a day istead of the two for 14 days. Well during this time, firstly my INR crept really high and ended up with having a Vit K shot and then I fell down the stairs and was told that I needed more as I had knocked my arm really badly and had an infection. I was told to always let the Haem know if I go on antibiotics as this effects INR - also my arm was really bad from wrist to just past elbow with a huge lump which is just about going down. They did think I had broken it as the arm was so mishapen. Presently taking more warfarin and having to go to Haem outpatients at least once a week for check up which gets me down coz having to ask hubby to drop me off I will be asking consultant when I go to ST whether I need another drug like Aspirin as before


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