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i'm a baking

i'm am mass baking cookies for all those dc's and nurses that keep me up right- all the gal's in the blood lab--all nurses girls in yellow pod here in concord hospital that watch my inr's and my many other freaky things -- the gal's in phyical therapy-- my new doc at pain care and her nurse-- the gal's that run my mydh , thats my comp. link to the hospitals that keep me conected to all the doc's- so far i have about 240 of those done -- a few minor oven burns - but so what - a labor of love i guess- 4 appts.s tomorrow and deliver the cookies - oatmeal with a hit of apple spice ----- chocolate chip---- oatmeal with chocolate chip----of course i did have to taste a few , just for quality control mind you?????? some of you won't get this till the A.M. your time but thats ok :-) 2 more batches to go { HORRAY } then meds. and bed -- i will be up for a whille yet for you night owls that are still lingering!!!!-- Betty Crocker i am not . if i keep it up , a canidate for the burn center maybe ?????? ---------------------------- the batter boy

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Ummmmmmm. I can smell them from here.


Good for you jet! Your making me hungry now too!


Watch out Jet.... you could turn into the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Remember him from the Ghostbusters? I can't believe you made such healthy cookies and I can't believe you missed a single soul! You thought of everyone~ May God bless you and keep you safe during the holiday season and always.

I'll explain what happened that day.

Merry, merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year, Jet. You deserve it.

Smiles, hugs, a very special prayer and a hearty ho-ho-ho!



They sound gorgeous, especially the oatmeal and apple spice. Oh I wis I was there tasting them :)


things went great -- some couldn't figure out whom had done it because the paper work i made some how got seperated- but by the time my inr came back i had a chance to talk to one of my 4 nurses?? they had thought that a woman must of done it ???????? pardone me ??? men can cook and bake ???????? o -well that let the cat out of the bag !!!!---- now i need to make more by request ,for tomorrow and monday?????????????? but thats ok , like i said a labor of love and appreciation for all that they go thru for me --- and i am sure i'm not the easiest patients to have to deal with because all my wacko things that are ever changing. god made woman to be more understanding- compasionate--also i thought i would never say this but!!!! better listeners{{{ i may be in trouble for that one }}}}.. i am greatful for my team i have assembled---- felt like crap the last couple of day's -- now i know why ---- inr came back at 1.6 --- wow --way to low !!!base should be 2.5---------------must be the baking ???????? -- not really--- thanks to all for your most welcome comments - very much neeeded and welcome ..i guess that's why we have each other :-)- have a great evening--as for me ??? maybe go out for an orange juice ??? be back --------- jet


Good for you, and lucky them. Mary F xxx


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