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Help can I safely give lupus, APS suferer standard enteric asprin (one perday?)75mg untill seen @ StThomas's or local hospt.,GP not helpful!

6years+.Lupus treated never APS, Had many headaches+memory probs. Now mini fits + worse, lost vocal cohearance today during night as at 6am. May have got cold? Woke up after giving hot-wate-rbottle and she was much beter.. Still feels foggy and fells as if vertigo.

Please if can let me know, My twitter is andrew.tollett@cmamt and email is if want to talk please email or twitter me or reply and will send my phone number. Thanks so much

Andrew Carer for person conc erned

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Hi there, well done for contacting us, the right place to ask questions. First of all it would help us to know where you are, and where your patients was diagnosed and treated as we can probably help with directing you where to find help, and or which papers to take to the GP etc and where the nearest place is with the knowledge of this disease profile. Thanks Mary F


Well . . . Problem is. . . Like most other meds, asprin is safe except when its not. Doctors are the ones who can iD those specific symptoms which would preclude asprin. So, yeah, help us help you find a local doc who we can ID as experienced with APLS. Because again, asprin is safe, except when it's not. And you need a doc to ID those " not scenarios.


Hi you need to get permission from the doctor and if not them, if you patient has a consultant, I take aspirin twice a day on a full stomach, but this on the advice of my professor and backed up by GP. This sounds complicated, and you are doing the right thing.. I hope the GP is being supportive for your patient and if not you may have to get their MP involved to fight for normal and consistent local care. Please let us know if we can be of any further use. You may wish to try and contact the hospitals involved to get some help. Mary F x


Hi Thanks for advice, and is not to be done at mo as passage of blood means she needs to be checked out according to St Thomas;s. So am persuing vfia them and consultant and asking them to chase Doc. Who is not helpfull:(.

Thanks again to you all and glad I asked......phew!


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